Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Dealer Spotlight: Import Wheels Mexico

As a Mustang enthusiast, we understand how wide the popularity for the Ford Mustang has grown. Along with the popularity has come the passion for building and restoring the Mustang as well. Aldo, owner of Import Wheels Mexico, shares that same passion for the pony just like we do. Aldo started Import Wheels Mexico in 2007, being one of the first dealers in Mexico to supply American restoration products. Before the start of his business, Mexico did not cater to the American muscle car community. Aldo took it upon himself to do so, and in order to supply these products, Aldo would travel to the U.S. to purchase product  which he was hunting for. Since his humble beginnings, Import Wheels has grown to become the premiere dealer from border to border, supplying dealers anywhere from Tijuana to Cancun. Import wheels stocks California Pony Cars NXT Generation product line including our signature 20”SS Style wheels along with the NXT Gen Engine dress up kit. Along with NXT Gen products, Import wheels carries a long line of  luxury wheels to accommodate their sport, and muscle car customers .Whether it is 14”-30”wheels, body kits, or even performance parts, Import Wheels Mexico is creating a brand built to last in the Automotive industry.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

CPC Sema Car Sold!

After months of being on the auction block, we are sad to announce the sale of our '07 Mustang Sema car. For those who have been following, the GT was put up for sale late 2013 in hopes of a good home. That good home came to a very luck buyer in Las Vegas. Without giving out too much information we could confidently say that our Mustang was purchased by a female and went to a loving home, but who is to say it is not tearing apart asphalt somewhere up and down the Las Vegas strip? The Mustang was sold with only 11k miles. Safe to say that pony has a long life ahead of it. We are glad to say we have big plans to display 66 Convertible Mustang for the 2014 show season. Be on the lookout for classic convertible at a show near you!

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Remembering Ray Harrington

Whenever February 13th appears on our calendars, only one thing comes to mind, Ray Harrington. It has been two years since our beloved founder has passed away and the day is filled up with memories that we remember of him. We thank Ray by caring on his passion for the Ford Mustang that he shared with all of us. We here at California Pony Cars carry on the tradition that Ray had taught us that has brought CPC as one of the superior manufacturers in this automotive industry. It is impossible to say that it does not sadden us that Ray is no longer with us anymore, but we can confidently say that he would be proud of where California Pony Cars stands today We would like to thank our supporters that have worked with us from the start. In commemoration of Ray, SRJunior designs has put together a collage in honor of Ray Harrington (shown below)

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

California Pony Cars Open House Event 2014

So it seems like we were just at Sema and all of a sudden we have ended up in 2014. The new year started off upbeat with us inviting friends and enthusiast to attend our first ever open house event here at our facility in So.Cal. After a month of planning and gathering top automotive manufactures in the industry together, we were able to come together and celebrate 50 years of Mustangs!

On Saturday, January 25th California Pony Cars opened their doors to Mustang owners all around the So.Cal area. At 8am we were pleased to welcome Trufiber,TMI, Mustangs and Fast Fords Oc, KAR Motorsports, Turbosmart, and XIX Wheels as they started setting up their booths for the show. Shortly after, we witnessed stampedes of Mustangs coming together in herds. By 10am both of our parking lots were filled with over and we prepared to accomodate the overflow of Mustangs into our 3rd parking lot (the street) coming together to give us a count of over 150+ cars at our facility all at once.

Once everyone was settled in we started the shop tour around our 20,000 sq. ft. facility. We accomadated the young, elderly, restless, and hungry through a behind the scenes tour of how our products are manufactured on a day to day basis and an up close and personal of the quality that CPC produces. After the shop tour everyone was able to enjoy an ol' fashion American lunch courtesy of California Pony Cars followed by a raffle with giveaways such as, Mothers waxes, gift cards, and other misc items. The event concluded with a series of photo shoots and burnouts!

It was a pleasure seeing automotive enthusiast coming together to share ideas and opinions with like minded enthusiast while still being able to share a laugh or two. As hard as everyone worked together to get this event put together we had to take a moment to remember the dear founder of California Pony Cars; Mr. Ray Harrington. "Hey Ray, this one was for you. Ray Harrington would've celebrated his 67th birthday on Feb 13th.

Want to see pictures? Check out our gallery on facebook "California Pony Cars"

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

New Product Alert: 2007-2009 GT500 Full-Length Radiator Cover Panel

It is the end of October and Sema is right around the corner. With Sema only 7 days away, we felt the pressure to complete our latest product under the NXT Generation product line: The 2007-2009 GT500 Full-Length Radiator Cover Panel.

This 2007-2009 Shelby GT500 one piece full-length radiator cover is designed to improve/clean up the appearance of your engine compartment with a factory OEM look. The factory radiator support cover stops short of covering the area above the headlights to allow for easier access to the headlight bulbs. While this was done to please the masses, for car enthusiasts it leaves an unfinished look under the hood.

California Pony Cars picks up where the factory cover stops and covers the area above the headlights, giving you a finished look. This is a direct replacement that installs using the factory hardware for a very simple 20 minute bolt on installation. It also features similar color, grain, and details as the original with correct contour to the core support for a factory fit.  This Mustang GT500 radiator cover panel is made from durable heat resistant material to ensure long product life and gives the engine bay a clean, subtle, and factory OEM look.

California Pony Cars one piece full-length Radiator Cover Panel really cleans up an area that, by factory design, looks like something is missing. We have incorporated clearance holes on our radiator cover that allows for the adjustable hood bumpers to operate in the same stock position. Also included is an optional trim bezel for the CSM# badge that is used on certain specialty models. This bezel allows a small window to be cut into the radiator cover to show off the CSM# badge that is attached to the core support just above the head light and attaches to the window cut out to give a clean finished look. (Due to inconsistencies with the CSM# badge locations, we are unable to pre cut this badge window.)

Since our radiator cover panel replaces the stock piece completely, it will eliminate the hood prop rod mounting point. A set of California Pony Cars (CPC) - NXT Generation Hood Struts is recommended to lift and hold the hood up without a prop rod. (Our panel will also work with all other hood strut kits on the market.) This cover will fit under the stock hood or any aftermarket hood. It will also work with most aftermarket cold air induction (CAI) systems.

Proudly made in the USA with a limited lifetime warranty.
Part number: ENG-079-340

MSRP: $259.00